Following on from the success of the ACE Internationalisation Acceleration Programme in 2015, which gave 10 WestBIC ICT client companies an opportunity to gain International success in Europe through access to International Investors, European mentors and customized sector specific support, WestBIC ran a competition to give 3 of their HPSU client companies an opportunity to be part of the European Business Innovation Network Congress 2017 in Enghien-Les-Bains, France in July.

More than 500 participants from different countries, comprising of over 60 start-ups and large corporates such as SAP, Atos, Enedis & Air France and experts in innovation and IoT, gathered together this year at the EBN Congress in Enghien-les-bains.

This significant gathering of real innovators, globally competitive start-ups and eco-system supports offered a valuable opportunity to benchmark technologies, develop new corporate partnerships and open new export market channels, all in one event.

The winners, 9th Impact Design, Tr3dent Limited & YELOBLADE  spent 3 days in Paris showcasing their startups through various networking events giving them access to Open Innovation Networks, connections to corporates who were actively looking for new innovations and Internationalisation opportunities via other EBN members.

The successful clients who attended the event were Mark Quick, 9th Impact design, who build and publish games for mobile and tablets. The company specialises in competing for and negotiating the rights to develop the official games of popular TV shows.  9th Impact currently have 10 games published on Apple App Store and Google Play, including the official game of the Biker Mice from Mars TV show. The games are translated into 14 languages and are played in 120 countries.  The company is currently developing the official Danger Mouse game which is a live multiplayer racing game with social card trading.

Kevin McCaffrey, Tr3ent Software, based in GMIT iHUB is a B2B enterprise software company, which developed a disruptive software platform, Transformation Accelerator, built to visualize complex sets of data, processes and even entire business models greatly simplifying strategic project design and management for complex digital business transformation programs. The product has been extensively trialled and has found resonance with over 100 global enterprises’ key strategic decision makers, business architects, digital services managers and project management staff.

And finally, YELOBLADE who supply wind energy solutions which can be used in city locations. Providing low cost, low carbon power their product removes the most common barriers to renewable energy installations such as high installation costs, planning restrictions and local objections. Based in Galway City on the windy west coast of Ireland, founder Liam Hanley could not understand why wind energy in the city was almost non-existent while the solar market was visibly thriving. Investigating this further, Liam found that traditional wind technologies were incompatible with city locations due to their size, generated noise and planning stipulations. Using his background in Aerospace Engineering and his knowledge of that industry’s move towards quieter more efficient engines, Liam developed an innovative solution. YELOBLADE is an ultra-quiet, compact form factor wind energy system, designed to generate power in densely populated areas where the demand for electricity is highest. With low upfront costs and effortless installation YELOBLADE allows wind energy to be welcomed into the cities instead of being banished to the far away hills.

The Open Innovation Ecosystems Client Award 2017 was chaired by Professor Jim Ward and comprised of an independent judging panel which included Sarita Johnston Enterprise Ireland, Rick Officer GMIT and Michael Fitzgerald OnePageCRM.

Congratulations to all the winners!