WestBIC supports an extensive range of highly innovative start-ups with the objective of bringing new ideas, jobs and wealth to our region. Some of our start-ups are profiled in the case studies below:



We help entrepreneurs to realise their creativity and convert their ideas to marketable products and services. We support entrepreneurs through their journey from concept to commercialisation.


At WestBIC, it’s all about the Entrepreneurs. We support and champion the practical needs of start-ups with tailored assistance through market validation, business modeling, sourcing capital, incubation & networking.

“Organisations like WestBIC are an important part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem offering a range of quality services to high growth innovative enterprises. Enterprise Ireland has a clear mandate to drive entrepreneurship and new business start ups. Local businesses and entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the economy, providing jobs and stimulating growth right across the regions and Enterprise Ireland welcomes the opportunity to work in partnership with WestBIC, supporting innovative entrepreneurs and enterprises achieve their full potential.​”

Julie Sinnamon, CEO Enterprise Ireland.

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Validating Projects

Proof of this potential for interested investors, as well as for the promoter themselves, is a critical element of the business planning process. We work with promoters to validate business assumptions at an early stage, not only to reduce investment risk but to also reduce your overall time and resources.

Market validation is one of the most exciting and critical phases of business development. You get to find out what people really want and it provides you with a practical guide on the route to market, based on realistic primary and secondary market research.

“The challenge of converting creativity from labs and into viable products and start-ups requires access to customers, market intelligence, international networks and potential partners. EU BICs, such as WestBIC, have proven to be ideal partners in that respect and have a great track record in supporting the growth of new enterprises”

Jim Ward, Emeritus Prof. of Marketing,
NUI Galway.

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Investor Ready Business Planning

Every business has to start with a plan and in order for a business to be successful you need a roadmap for its success. A business plan provides three key functions namely: a framework for forward planning, an mechanism to attract investors and a benchmark to evaluate performance.

We recognise that your business is unique and take an individual tailored approach to business planning, whether with High Potential Start-Ups or established enterprises.

25 years of business planning experience, has given WestBIC an in-depth knowledge of the engagement process, how to maximise a promoters strengths and compensate for gaps in their business model. Our clients also find that the discipline of preparing a structured business plan assists them to learn new skill sets and how to establish clear business strategies.

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Sourcing Finance

Funding is essential to accelerate the international growth of start-up companies. Funding is available from an ever increasing range of sources, including government support agencies, private sector seed and venture capital funders, business angels and also through crowd funding options.

The challenge for start-ups is to have their business plan and financial model validated so as to allow you secure the right type and level of funding for your needs.

We assist start-ups with the development and proofing of their financial models and also connect you to the most appropriate sources of funding.

WestBIC seeks to match private investors with pre-screened investment opportunities in start-up, early stage and developing businesses. Through the Halo Business Angels Partnership, WestBIC seeks to match private investors with pre-screened investment opportunities in start-up, early stage and developing businesses.

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WestBIC support start-ups by providing access to incubation facilities and services in a number of sites throughout its region. This allows you to access essential services in a low cost manner as you develop your enterprise.

Serviced office space and/or hot desk/virtual office services are available in a flexible manner so that start-ups can have access to the right level of services at any given time. These services are complimented with on-site business development support provided by the WestBIC team to help you to develop your ideas, link with enterprise support agencies and private sector investors.

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Halo Business Angel Network

The Halo Business Angel Network is a joint initiative between Enterprise Ireland, InterTrade Ireland and the Irish Business and Innovation Centres.

The Halo Business Angel Network matches private investors with pre-screened investment opportunities in start-up, early stage and developing businesses. The partnership can be of enormous benefit to investors, to companies, and to professional advisors such as accountants and solicitors and will be an essential part of the entrepreneurial business network.

As a private investor you get access to ambitious, early-stage companies with strong growth potential.

If you are a business promoter seeking funding then you gain access to private investors with vast and varied business experience.

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International Partnering

WestBIC supported Entrepreneurs have access to a network of around 150 quality certified EU/BICs to support the development and growth of innovation entrepreneurs, start-ups and small to medium size enterprises (SMEs).

This provides practical international market validation, access to additional routes to market, technical know-how, raw materials & European partners.

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Our partners and networks are key to the provision of a comprehensive range of services to WestBIC supported start-ups. Below are some of the partners with whom we work daily.